EYEWEAR CLOTHING is an upcoming innovative urban lifestyle brand focusing on individuality, self expression,vision & Harlem Culture. This small owned business was created and developed by brothers Andre Steinberg (Tommy P) and Jamal Perry-Young (Mallie G) after losing their mother to cancer. Throughout its growth, the brand Eyewear Clothing has received acclaim from  organizations, news, magazines and tv. With the ongoing demand of the brand world wide- with online orders from the UK and Canada- we are looking for help to continue our growth and improvement. 


We have an estimated budget of $5,000 which will cover a 1 year supply of promotional items. Including give away tshirts, buttons, wrist bands, stickers, flyers, business cards etc. With your donation to the Promotional Plan we as a collective can invest in the brand’s development and longevity. 

Individually this won’t cover the promotional needs of the brand but as a unit we can acquire a prominent amount of promo products to help us give back to the community and expose the brand to people every where.

EYEWEAR CLOTHING is looking to:
-Re-build emailing list with young college individuals
-Promote the website and grow our market 
-Build a larger audience utilizing social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc
-Promote EYEWEAR CLOTHING affiliated events

$100 Donation

$200 donation

Your own Donation

Donations will only be used in promotional expense for the brand.