What The Health?

By: Shawna McCullough

After taking on a natural & plant based lifestyle, I thought I knew everything I needed to know about the food industry, pharmaceuticals, & health organizations in regards to my health... However, I was wrong. After hearing so many reviews about "What The Health" I decided to finally give it a watch. After conducting research, the director and filmmaker Kip Anderson took matters into his own hands to find out why health organizations don't give any information on how processed foods are directly related to causing cancer.  As you may or may not know, back in 2015 the World health organization classified processed meats as a group one carcinogen and red meats as a group two carcinogen. In the documentary, when Kip attempted to interview with the American Cancer Society on these matters, they canceled on him once they found out the reason why he wanted the interview.  Many organizations list various types of processed meats & dairy as a part of a "healthy diet" not only that, but these organizations list recipes have meat & dairy in them as well. Throughout the years, we have been misinformed about how sugar is the main cause of diabetes however, it isn’t. Sugar can worsen the condition but animal products are the primary cause of type two diabetes. In the documentary, this is further explained. Mid way into the documentary, you'll learn that these health organizations are working in cahoots with many big name brand processed food corporations. The government is in on it big time but should we be surprised? Not really. At end of the day, this is all about money & ignorance is bliss. It's up to us to educate each other & do the research. We all have the possibility to take full charge of our health & make a change within the earth & ourselves.