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On this episode of the podcast, The Fat, Fabulous & Funny is joined by the infamous @FunnyJulius & her on again and off again co-host Mallie. The most hilarious episode to date. Lets just say, Ass eating is an Olympic sport that takes preparation, practice and grace. Do we need to say more? Press play and laugh your ass off.

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Inbound Marketing & The Creation of a Brand

Published by Matthew Jacquet

Inbound marketing is the name for organic, earned marketing.  It can be summed up as the things that you can do on the web that earn traffic and attention. But as you can imagine there is no single way to conduct an inbound marketing campaign. It is all about selecting the channels in which you can leverage and earn you the highest ROI. For example, if your target audience is 55+ year old men, Pinterest might not be the right channel to invest in. So one’s goal when undertaking inbound marketing should not be to be everywhere, but rather to be where your audience is, and then leverage it. The channels with the highest ROI are often those that others don’t invest in, so there is much potential to be tapped into in those channels.

According to Google, 82 percent of click in the SERP’s go to organic results and 18 percent go to pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Less than 1 percent of clicks on Twitter go to promoted tweets, and the best and brightest Facebook ads are lucky to amass a 2 percent CTR. The results simply show that people prefer inbound channels to outbound. Another factor that should encourage the adoption of an inbound marketing strategy is that for every dollar spent on inbound channels, eight dollars are spent on paid channels. Paid marketing will always have a role in increasing conversions, increasing brand awareness, and increasing sales, but the effectiveness of inbound marketing must be acknowledged if one is to maximize the different avenues and opportunities that there are to grow your business on a wider scale.

Inbound marketing helps with brand building and building a successful and reputable brand should be the goal of all business owners. Seriously. Aim high or you may be hosed out by the competition. Brands are remarkable, recognizable, and authentic– and they provide people with the answers as to why they should buy your product. But attempting to bring a new brand that will come to the front of people’s minds when they think of your product or service takes time and effort. This is a long-term investment strategy, just like the long-term tactic of SEO. On Google’s platform, brands receive preferential treatment because of their higher visibility and higher trust value. Remarkable brands do not take the low road or use overly aggressive marketing tactics because they don’t have to. We live in a world where the market itself dictates what businesses thrive or not. Authenticity and quality never go unnoticed.


Bars Still Matter

Ellz Chapo a young Harlem MC has a raw talent that he shows off on numerou beats,. With a versatile flow Ellz Chap is able to spit on any beat. With his new Christmas released mix-tape entitled 'Deeper Than Rap' he gives you a taste of what life was like coming up on the streets of Harlem. The entire tape available now for download on DatPiff & Spinrilla.

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A Bronx Invasion

Loso McCall's is sending in brand new vibes from NYC. The Bronx native is claiming his dominance in the hypnotic trap soul party esk sound with his new hit single “ Crew Love”. With the 1stClvass movement behind him full of young mc’s like F.R.E.D. and the swag champ socialites J.B and Rell O, these young stars are sure to be adding their own aura to the game. Check out 1stClvssMusic Presents: Loso McCall's new hit single "Crew"

Loso McCall's Mixtape "W.W.M" coming this Summer 2017.

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ALL. For. Family (AFF PAC)

If you havent heard yet that AFF PAC is shaking up the block you have to get out in the streets more. Coming straight from Rich Blocc "Roosevelt Island" 10044 with his high energy and street culutre lingo this artist is his way to the main stage. His new hit single "Praying" off of his latest project entitled "Pay Attention" with features from "SHA TRILLZ", "E$co Rich", "Jefe Loco" and Production from the unguardable D1 Music, SauceGODs, and Grimm Guapo. This project is set to take you on a gangsta ass inspirational ride around the blocc through the life of a young NYC MC named AFF PAC the Fendi Champ.

Terra Nullius

Hey Invaders,

My name is Mallie G and I am the co-founder of Eyewear Clothing and CMO of Invader Nation. I've spent some time down unda in South Austraila back in 2016 for my undergraduate degree. It was a wonderful experience that pretty much opened up my inner spirit being. I had the opportunity to meet some of the Indigenous people of the land and it was very empowering to say the least. Aborginal Australians have a very similar experince in their country as to the Indigenous and African people in the americas. I created this short documentary to give my interpertation of what its like in Australia.

New Flicks for 2017

This year has a buch of fire movies coming to a theather near you. 2017 WILL BE FULL OF FUN AND ADVETURE

Styled by Qwaci

Qwaci, The Intern went from a Communications degree to Fashion: "Style Crazy with Qwaci" in NYC. A SUNY Old Westbury graduate Qwaci realized that a career in communications and fashion was right up her alley. From putting in over time in the schools radio station, to creating her very own web series this young college entrepreuner is shaping the way for the next generation. Hard Work and a little black girl magic took this rockstar to the top and she's still soaring.