Eyewear Clothing is a pop culture inspired brand created in Harlem, New York. The brand's claim to fame came from it's "What Eye Do" collection. A unique series of tshirts which required decoding a dope message. Since then we've created a variety of t-shirts, outerwear and accessories. All Eyewear products are produced in limited quantities.. Our concepts are inspired by music, pop culture, our environment, and our own ideas. 

We believe in Individuality, Self Expression, Vision & Creativity


All Eyewear Clothing products are produced in very limited quantities. Each piece is created in house, and is carefully screen printed by hand. onto quality threaded material. The neck tag in each shirt, Made UpTown is symbolic to Harlem, the birth place of Eyewear Clothing ,as well as the time care and creativity put in to making each product.


Individuality —standing apart from the crowd— is what Eyewear Clothing prides itself on. A testament to that belief is the saying “If it aint Eyewear, I don’t see it.” A play on words that references to blocking out irrelevant things and focusing on the things you need.

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